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Date: June 27, 2016 at 05:16:21
From: wickedb, []
Subject: dual paradigm pw2100 10" vs dual eminence lab 12 diy

Hi all,

canuckaudiomart has posting for the eminence lab 12
woofers for $190cdn which is a great price. I've
been thinking of diy'ing subs for the home theatre
but not for a while. These might be too good to pass
up. I was thinking 18" subs with big boxes
originally but the 12's are tempting.

The real question - would I see much improvement
over my current dual paradigm pw2100's? They're a 10
inch sub with good extension, usable to about 22Hz
or so. No complaints about bass in the current setup
but no reference point to compare to aside from the
movie theatre (I'd put my current setup on par short
of imax).

Thoughts on what I'd expect with the dual 12's
diy'd? Many thanks all!
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