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Date: March 29, 2016 at 15:04:19
From: David Shotts, []
Subject: 2-separate 12" enclosures vs 1-dual divided enclosure

Ok I'm not building this or am I really
wanting to do this, I'm just thinking about
things because I'm bored at work, so with
that said, let's say you had 2- sealed 12"
enclosures with 1cu/ft airspace each in the
trunk, would it sound any different than a
dual 12" divided and sealed box that also
had 1cu/ft of airspace per chamber? In my
opinion, I think there would be a slight
difference if you had the subs spaced
further apart from one another, but on the
other hand, each sub either way sees 1cu/ft
regardless so I'm just curious. Prolly a
dumb question and I'm sure someone will get
a little worked up but oh well, what do you
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