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Date: December 03, 2015 at 20:08:36
From: TTRESHH, []
Subject: Adam A8X + 18Sound 18"

Hello :)
I have Adam's A8X in my home studio (4.9x8.3x2.5m -
size of the room).
And i Have great woofer Eighteen Sound 18LW1400 (8ohm).

You can say that A8X have much bass reflection for a
home studio (when placed near the walls). But i want to
place them in nearfield (of course!!), and in this
position they dont play fine lower 80-100 Hz (SBIR :().

So, i think, if I making a great subwoofer on my
18LW1400 - i can get really full-ranged qualified
monitoring (it's immutable value).

But i'm some novice in building monitoring subwoofers
for a control rooms... So, will be fine, if you can
direct me for a ready project, that can maintain
18LW1400 into a pretty, honest, detailed subwoofer,
that will be greatly combine with a Adam A8X.

I can measure real TC parametrs of 18". Can show you
room acoustics with a Room EQ Wizard.

Some Later, i Will post some photo. if you are

Thank you for attention!

Regards, Nikita :)
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