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Date: August 26, 2015 at 18:05:37
From: Neeraj, []
Subject: Starting to pull down my neighbours house :)

Hello All,

Long time back, when I moved to HiFi separates, I have used subs like Eltax(veryyyyy beginning) to MJ reference, M&K VX 860, B&W ASW 1000, Velodyne CHT 12, MA RSW, Loewe, MONOLITH (Latest and the best I have experienced) etc..... but NOW I think I need to leave a bad habit of mine and start building my own Sub.. Something which can subdue my wife's yelling :) and maybe bring down some buildings... I have acquired a new 15" In Phase XT15 driver and have a 12" driver in mint condition from M&K VX 860. I have a lot of spare mdf and wood too plus a lot of time.
The things, which I don't have:
1. Any advanced DIY skills
2. Knowledge of building and tuning my sub
3. BIG room for my HT
4. Money.....

Any and EVERY Help will be really APPRECIATED ....

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