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Date: January 09, 2015 at 13:00:00
From: Abdullah, []
Subject: enclosure sundown audio e 8'' v4


I am looking to build a box for my 8'' sundown audio
sub. I would like to have something for both music
and movies. Music i usually listen to is rap hiphop,
so I would like it to go pretty low. I was thinking
about a transmission line box, because I heard they
will go deeper then regular ported boxes. I designed
a t line my self but I am not sure how it will
sound, the cabin is around 30liters after
displacement, the port length is 2950mm long and has
a height and width of 264 by 120mm. I would
appreciate it if someone could help me out.

sub parameter:
fo 46,67 hz
sd 19,607
md 70
bl 17,160
qms 3,711
qes 0,373
qts 0,339
no 0,161%
splo 84,1 db
vas 6.102
cms 111,773
mms 104,053

I hope this is enough information,

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