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Date: September 24, 2014 at 20:46:58
From: norman bates, []
Subject: Re: Suggestion needed for subwoofer box design

Standard ported
vb 119.20 lit
f3 35.00 hz
tune 31.68 hz

Deeper Ported
Vb 145.92 Lit
F3 32.04 hz
Tuning freq 29.28 hz

Or 6th order (falling between porteds .577 and sealed's .707 box size, meant for boosting but not required)
90 liters tuned to 25hz (it's F9, or 9db down point).

I'd run a pair, push pull.
That way with a box double the size, you can tune to lower frequencies easier (with a larger port that requires more depth).

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