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Date: September 04, 2014 at 10:17:02
From: Jon, []
Subject: Re: Help with the design of a sonosub


90l Would give you a Q of about 0.7 which is typical for a HT sub.
Excursion (assuming Xmax 8mm) is kept under control with a peak of 6.5mm at ~50Hz when driven with 80W.
-3dB point is mid 30s with -6dB ~30Hz and 2dB peak ~55Hz (ob not taking in to account room gain/position)

The internal volume of the enclosure would be 90L

The port would be:
32.72cm of 5" internal tube

Assuming 13.3cm diameter (external) port, and 18mm wall thickness then the port volume inside the box would be:


so we need to add 4.31 litre to the internal volume of the box.

So Internal volume is now 94.3l

Assuming an internal diameter of 450mm for the sonotube the height (not taking into account for the driver) would be:

94.3/(Pi((4.5/2)*(4.5/2)))=5.93dm = 59.3 cm

The spacing between the forward facing drivers should be at least the diameter of the speaker to allow it to breathe, but this could be experimented with.

Hope this helps

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