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Date: August 11, 2014 at 06:26:13
From: Siddharth Saxena, []
Subject: Suggestion needed for subwoofer box design

I am trying to build my 1st subwoofer for my room but
i'm very confused about the box design. The driver i'm
using is a 12" Peerless Subwoofer. Link for the driver
with specifications:

T/S Parameters:
RMSE-Free: 0.43 Ohms
Fs: 25.01 Hz
Re: 3.68 Ohms
Res: 9.69 Ohms
Qms: 1.17
Qts: 0.32
Qes: 0.45
L1: 0.53 mH
L2: 1.11 mH
R2: 6.09 Ohms
RMSE-Load: 1.01 Ohms
Vas: 256.35 Liters
Mms: 59.71 Grams
Cms: 678 uM/Newton
BL: 8.8 Tesla-M
SPL ref: 94.7 dB [Re]
Rub-Index: 0.14
Area (SD): 518.75
Xmax: 9-10 mm (approx. - not given in specifications)
Impedance: 4 Ohms
Frequency Response: 26-220 Hz

I'm planning to use 500watts RMS amp with it. I would
be very grateful if you can suggest me a box design and
dimensions which gives good low frequencies. It would
be of great help for a beginner like me. Looking
forward for your suggestions.

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