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Date: October 15, 2013 at 16:52:48
From: norman bates, []
Subject: Re: Looking for help with driver selection and frequency calculations

To me, you will have serious trouble with port chuffing in either the 50L or 100L (1.5-3ft3) box trying to tune around 20hz. I’d recommend a passive radiator, but that also adds cost. The PR needs to move at least double (ideally triple) the air that the driver cone can move.

Assuming it is easy to tune a 12” driver with 12-14mm xmax to 22hz, the Dayton needs a box half as large and it costs 1/3 less in US dollars for moving approximately the same amount of air. But the port will be almost twice as long as the Scanspeak’s due to the box being ˝ as small. And you need more power with the Dayton due to its 83db vs 87db sensitivity.

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