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Date: August 21, 2013 at 10:34:33
From: Fird, []
Subject: If I say sealed box for apartment you think?

I've been away from the sub building community for a long time. Need to sell my previous build (Adire Tempest in a gigantic ported box) for something a little more apartment friendly with a higher WAF parameter lol. I've considered doing small ported arrangements but I am also intrigued with doing a sealed sub for the first time, keeping it as simple as possible. I'm familiar with the Likwitz Transform circuit and am toying around with that idea as well to extend the response a little bit. Goal: Within a reasonable sized enclosure, match my TriTrix MTM transmission line speakers and extend to ~20hz 90% music, 10% movie sound. Maximum in-room sound level need not exceed about 100db as my neighbors might not appreciate that..
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