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Date: February 27, 2013 at 02:49:53
From: RichardinLaos, []
Subject: compromised system

Firstly, I live in Laos, a 3rd world country where quality audio is non existent. I want to make a subwoofer for an outdoors area. I have dubious quality random, mostly car speakers, available from China. The best of the bunch is a Tinly tl2502g (4 ohm, 80 Nom Watt), or J Audio (8 ohm, continuous 200 W) - "made in Germay" (their typo not mine). Both are stiff 8" cones that have a reasonable excursion. No other tech specs available.
I will be making 4 other speakers boxes using a Full range speaker (Hivi B3n or B3s) and crossing them over with the sub (i'll have to get a 2 way crossover sent here).
My question is: Does anyone have a generic sub-woofer design that would suit a cone of unknown specs!? I'd prefer a sealed sub as I want control, rather than bass bloom. They will be driven by an 8 ohm amp. So I could put 2x 4 ohm speakers in series? or use one of the 8ohms?
Any help would be appreciated.
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