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Date: December 15, 2012 at 03:58:48
From: iamthefly@bluebottle.c, []
Subject: 2 Beginner Questions

I'm gonna build myself a closed sub and from skimming forums I've read that it'd be best to have it function way down to 15Hz (tuned to 15-100Hz)that you can feel it and all the low frequencies are served. I know my range of hearing only goes down to around 20Hz-25Hz.

Q1) Will my dubstep music have sounds at that frequencies?

Q2) I was looking through the CPC catalog and all their drivers, up to 18", had a usable frequency range from around 40Hz-4kHz. There was one with range 24Hz-4kHz. How do I get it to work way down to 15Hz? is that down to cabinet design or are there other drivers out there? Please recommend cheap 12"-15".

I am a physics teacher so I have access to oscilloscopes, tech workshop (with teacher) etc.

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