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Date: November 18, 2012 at 05:31:49
From: alexhawk, []
Subject: Few questions about this site.

Just have some questions and I'll be glad if you explain a few things to me:
1. In ported enclosure section you give some mathematical formulas. I found that those formulas didn't fit to any recomendations given by manufacturer of the speaker, why?
2. In ported enclosure there are many systems of tuning and optimal Vb for the box - SBB4 QB3 and so on. What system are represented in those formulas on this homepage? When i'm using software to make equations I take slightly different results bo it's not a huge difference.
3. How to measure vented ports with flange? Do i need to put correct k factor in formula and measure all lenght of the port (with flange), or do i need to put correct k factor and measure only port lenght without flange?
4. How to calculate port lenght when we got slightly narrowed tube (very popular in shops with diy stuff).

Thanx and sorry for my poor english :)

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