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Date: June 24, 2012 at 09:44:11
From: schawn, []
Subject: building a 3 chamber single reflex bandpass enclosure

I have a mercedes benz e-430. I am having a difficult time getting bass inside the car. I have 2 JBL W12GTi subwoofers. I would like to build a three chamber single reflex system and vent into the car from the box thru the rear deck. Cant seem to find the best way to do this.The theile/small specs are Revc(ohms) 3.20,Levc (mh)0.75,Sd (ft2)0.516,Sd(m2)0.048,Vas(ft3)1.58,Vas(liters)44.75,Fs(hz)31.83,Qms6.68,Qes0.55,Qts0.51,Xmas(mm)20.32 any help
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