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Date: May 17, 2012 at 19:01:54
From: doublejay, []
Subject: Re: Free-air passive sub in patio ceiling?

get 2 and wire them in parallel, one to each of the
OS20's. Make certain your amplifier is 4 ohms stable
first though.
select a 15" driver with high Xmax. Parts Express 295-
455 is made specifically for this and because its a 15"
unit, it will fit perfectly between your 16" centered
The price isn't too bad, and you will not need an
"adder" (I thought that was a species of snake...) You
could theoretically get away with just one but in an IB
situation, outdoors, you will need much bass to keep up
to your relatively efficient speakers...
also consider that you will need to buy quite a large
coil in order to keep the higher frequencies away from
the subs, I wouldn't buy one that rolled off any higher
than 80hz.

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