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Date: May 06, 2012 at 08:48:15
From: Mac, []
Subject: Free-air passive sub in patio ceiling?

I'm trying to decide if it makes sense to install a passive free-air sub in an outdoor patio ceiling.

We have a large covered patio and the roof is an extension of the house roof, which means there is a lot of open space up there (relatively speaking). I have a pair of Niles OS20 speakers out there now. I'm thinking passive sub because I'm sure the attic heat would quickly destroy an integral amp. The Niles are driven from a centralized AV closet and due to the house layout it is very difficult to run new line-level wires, so I was thinking about wiring the sub in series with the speakers behind an "adder" to mix the stereo into mono for the sub input.

My main question is whether a free-air sub will work this way. As I understand it, as long as there are no major "leaks" which allow the front and rear waves to cancel each other out (which is probably helped a lot by the very large size/surface-area of the attic), I believe this should work.

Am I missing something important? Does anyone know of a decent free-air passive sub that can be used outdoors? It's well-protected from direct moisture (rain) but it would be hot, dusty, etc. -- which is also why I don't want to do anything ported.

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