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Date: June 13, 2005 at 20:35:09
From: Dave, []
Subject: Subwoofer Box Port Tuning??

Hello i have 2 12" Grafoale Subwoofers with an FS of 20hz. they were each in thier own boxes. the boxes that i bought them in each had 1 2.5" port that were 4 inches long exactly and each box had 4 qubic feet of volume. I did some rough calculations and that means that the box was tuned to about 24hz. If the subs ever got a signal below 24hz would this not unload them and is "unloading" a bad thing, can it damage a sub??? The reason i am asking this is because i plan to put these subs in my car and i was wondering if i should tune the box to 20hz or 24hz. What would happen if I tuned the box to 18hz ???

Sorry for all the questions but i want to make sure i get it all right.

Thanks for any opinions.

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