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Date: August 25, 2001 at 20:46:48
From: Adrian Mack, []
Subject: Re: Concepts for Subwoofer: Bandpass/Vented/PassiveRad

If you want good SPL within the bottom octave, with huge bass output, drivers from peerless (, tc sounds HE15 (this is also the stryke HE15), lambda acoustics ( etc are very good for home use.

To be called a true subwoofer, the loudspeaker should be able to reach flat to 20Hz (F3). Most of the enclosures you are looking at there are rather large. If you want a really tiny enclosure with HUGE bass and good SPL, go with the Peerless XLS 12" 830500 woofer. Put this in a 50 litre enclosure, two peerless 830548 passive radiators massed to 790 gramms each, a 350wrms 4/8ohm amp and active eq around 20-35Hz (depending on room size), will give you a dead flat response to 20Hz. I can give you a cut list for this if you like. SPL will hit indoors 115db @ 30Hz. 110db @ 20Hz. Very good design for space-consious rooms. Only uses a tiny 50 litre box.

If you want huge output with big drivers, go with the 18" 18LW1400 driver from 18-sound. I have a design to make this thing go to 13Hz in a 300 litre enclosure. Needs a 600 to 1000wrms amp.

TC Sounds latest HE15 driver is excellant. This manufacturer is basis for high-excursion drivers. Have xmax or approx 18mm.

Lambda acoustics for super-low distortion. Great sound quality in these drivers.

I can give you a few of my designs lying around if you like. Play around with these drivers from the manufactures givin above. Use programs like Calsod pro (best one out) or if you want something that doesn't cost a cent, use brian steeles spreadsheet. Hope this helps. Cheers

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