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20 October, 2018
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DIY Audio Articles

  • Using HolmImpulse for time alignment - Brian Steele (the Subwoofer DIY Page)
    A brief article indicating how HolmImpulse, a freeware software tool, can be used to time-align the speakers in your car audio system.
  • Subwoofer Response - What's important? - Brian Steele (the Subwoofer DIY Page)
    This is a short article that I put together, based on some in-room response measurements that I've made. May be interesting to you if you considering building your own subwoofer...
  • The placement of a subwoofer - Ingvar Ohman
    So, after I've built my sub, where's the best place to put it to get the best response?

Miscellaneous Items

  • Driver Parameter Calculator version 0.6.1
    Copyright 1996 by Claus Futtrup. DPC is an interactive editor for loudspeaker driver parameters. You enter known parameters and DPC calculates other parameters for you. Also supported is measuring data, eg. calculating parameters using the Carrion-Isbert method for lossy closed boxes. 1MB, documentation.
  • The JBL Bass Wave amplifier has been mentioned on the DIY Loudspeakers Mailing List. You can read more about this amplifier (as well as modifications to improve it) on my Bass Wave Modifications Page

DIY Loudspeakers List - Digests

  • Volume 1
  • Volume 2
  • Digests from Volume 3 are available from the list server. Send the following command via e-mail to :

    get bass bass-digest.nnn

    where "nnnn" is the number of the digest that you want to retrieve.