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Date: October 15, 2000 at 11:03:28
From: David Nash, [inh1ts23-qfe0.ims.bt.net]
Subject: Infinity 6x9

I've had a set of Infinity 3-way components for about 10 years (Emit-K tweeters, 4" mid-range, and 6x9 bass units with a passive crossover). Originally, I installed them in a Saab, with the 6x9's mounted on the rear parcel shelf. It all sounded pretty good, but the Saab was a very solid car.

I would now like to install them in my LandRover Defender van (don't laugh). The bass speakers obviously can't be 'free-mounted' so I suppose I'll have to build some sort of box(es) for them.

I've emailed Infinity for the T&S details, but I've not heard from them yet.

I just wondered if anyone on this forum had any experience of these speakers, and could suggest the best sort of box for them.

I tend to prefer an 'audiophile' sound with accurate controlled bass, as opposed to deep booming 'dance' bass, for example.

Thanks in advance.

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Date: October 16, 2000 at 00:18:11
From: Brian, [gnddial14.caribsurf.com]
Subject: Re: Infinity 6x9

Hi David:

With speakers that old, it's probably best that you measure the parameters yourself. If you've got a computer with a sound card, and access to a small airtight box to house one of the 6x9 speakers, then you've got all the hardware you need for measuring the parameters.

However, note that 6x9 speakers are normally designed for free-air mounting, which usually means that the T/S parameters will suggest they'll only be happy in a fairly large sealed box.


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Date: October 16, 2000 at 10:11:09
From: David Nash, [inh1ts23-qfe0.ims.bt.net]
Subject: Re: Infinity 6x9

By the way, I've just had a response from Infinity. They say;

"Put them in a .75 cubic foot box.,"

Does this sound correct? I assume they mean a sealed box, and a separate box for each driver.



Date: October 16, 2000 at 06:50:41
From: David Nash, [inh1ts22-qfe0.ims.bt.net]
Subject: Re: Infinity 6x9

Thanks for your reply, Brian. I do have a computer with a soundcard. Is there anywhere that explains the procedure for working out the T/S parameters as you suggested?



Date: October 16, 2000 at 17:33:58
From: Jason U., [cache-server.dist.maricopa.edu]
Subject: Re: Infinity 6x9

URL: My Web Site (version 2.0)

I used my soundcard to measure my woofer's specs. I have a book titled "Advanced Speaker Systems" from Radio Shack. It explains how to measure your speaker driver specs. I also have half of it posted on my web site. Before I had to finish my page, my computer or Win98 can be booted. My computer still works and I'm waiting for about over 3 months now to get repaired.

The book measures the impedance of the woofer. This should be accurate enough. I used it and it is accurate for me. There is one item people in foreign countries might not have is a US nickel. A US nickel weighs about 5 grams. It helps you measure the Vas in cu ft. or liters. If you don't have a US nickel try to find a metal or weight that is non-magnetic.


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